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If you are interested in producing the play, scores and librettos are available for rent from OQ music for $1500. This covers the limited rights to perform the play and includes 25 vocal scores, 3 piano scores, instrumental parts, and a conductor's master score. You will also receive a complement of CD's for promotional and instructional purposes. Please

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for details.

The play is set for 5 (or 6*) lead characters, an adult chorus, and a children's choir, with soloists. The accompaniment is written for keyboards, bass and drums, as well as up to 3 horns. The latest version has been tightened up dramatically from the original concept presented on the CD. The flow of the play has been altered slightly to better suit a stage production -- some songs are added and others are cut, with Esther and Mordechai receiving expanded roles. Please for a sample libretto.

*The role of Mordechai can be divided into two characters.